Screenwriting @ Starbucks

Starbucks CEO Howard Schulz is working the markets and promising a comeback, after the company experienced a toxic shock to their share price at the end of 2007. At that point in time, they had 15,000+ stores around the world and were opening at a rate of 6 per day. Pundits began to wonder if… Read More»

Movies that mean something

I listen to a lot of pitches. Most of the time, they contain some interesting ideas but aren’t compelling enough to be good stories. For instance, they might have a good set-up but no follow-through. Or, the central characters are unusual but have nothing interesting to do. Perhaps, even, they’re doing too much (lots of… Read More»

Iterate or Die

In the three years since I started workshop-ping screenwriters, I have met with over 250 emerging writers in the UK and Western Europe. Sometimes, the meeting was only for a couple of hours and, at other times, we spent several days together on workshops, or pitches, or even working on scripts together. This has been… Read More»

Storytelling in Video Games vs. Movies

On Friday, July 16, my colleagues at Activision launched ‘Bloodstone’ to the worldwide press along with some more footage from ‘GoldenEye’. It was an exciting day for all of us – the culmination of several years work. To see the trailer projected in all it’s glory on the big screen was an adrenaline rush. I… Read More»

5 Storytelling Tips from the World’s Greatest Conman – Sgarbi’s Rules

I came across this article in Details magazine about aptly titled, ‘The World’s Greatest Con Man Helg Sgarbi’. Not only is it a fascinating read but it tells us something about storytelling. Sgarbi is a reprehensible character who swindled roughly $38 million throughout his career, preying on lonely, wealthy women. Apparently, he spoke six languages… Read More»

High Concept means “Show Me the Money”

There’s an interesting piece on Nikki Fink’s entitled ‘Drama is Dead’. Read the comments too, because they’re very entertaining. In the article, a British screenwriter by the name of Andy Briggs reports back from his visit to Hollywood with the prophetic statement that ‘Drama is Dead’. Sobering words. But isn’t this misleading? Isn’t entertainment all… Read More»