“Sometimes you have to destroy your business in order to save it” – James Surowiecki

That’s the final sentence of an intelligent and sobering article in the Oct 18 edition of The New Yorker, written by James Surowiecki and entitled, “The Next Level.” In the article he charts the rise and fall of ‘category killer’ stores like CompUSA, Circuit City, Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble and, now, the defunct… Read More»

European Union Media Programme – Public Consultation open now

During the drinks at the conclusion of the Production Finance Market here in the UK, I ran into an old friend, Agnieska Moody. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of dealing with Agnieska, let me just say that she is a wonderful human being and a guiding light at the Media… Read More»

Mike Monello – A Universal Framework – Power to the Pixel 2010 – Day 1

Today I want to talk about Mike Monello’s presentation on Day 1 of the Power to the Pixel 2010 event, because it has a lot to say about Transmedia (past and present), plus it’s full of great insights for practitioners and future commissioning agents. For those of you who don’t know Mike, he is one… Read More»

YouView – Convenience is King

YouView (no, it’s not a typo) launches soon. Looking a lot like a cut-down version of YouTube, YouView has finally received the Ofcom go-ahead (Ofcom is Europes’s version of a government Trust Buster). This unites the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, BT, TalkTalk and SeeSaw in a love-fest of IPTV content. What’s different this… Read More»

What Transmedia Is and Isn’t

First off, read this post by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez – “Wrestling with Words: Defining Transmedia.” He is confused by what Transmedia is and what it isn’t… as are most of us. Perhaps we can change that. The definition for Transmedia is up for grabs, which means that if we don’t come to a broad consensus… Read More»

Transmedia Tedxcerpts: The role of community in storytelling

Check out this interesting post on Transmythology – “TedX Transmedia & Assorted Wisdom,” from Simon Pulman. I was particularly struck by what Brent Friedman is quoted as saying: n this day and age of extreme audience fragmentation, all media benefits from targeted marketing whether the platform is on-air, online or mobile. And that’s what a… Read More»