How do you pick a Sales Agent?

A producer friend of mine said that he’d recently found a way to close financing deals without having to go back and forth. Part of his strategy was to pre-approve everything with the financiers by coming up with a list of approved cast, directors, and sales agents, and then getting the money put into escrow,… Read More»

Junior High Noon

Junior High Noon began as a feature film project. While we work to set up the film, however, we are developing a range of other transmedia content – apps, games, novellas, etc – to seed and engage an audience prior to the film’s release. This activity will be under the “Westland” banner. Westland is the… Read More»

Producer’s Diary – new blog

A couple of days ago, I started a new blog entitled, “Producer’s Diary”. I intend to share detailed tips, insights and discoveries with other serious transmedia producers, plus chronicle my own trials and tribulations with SEAM projects that are in development. The blog will have honest, useful, and specific information, It is intended for serious… Read More»

Indie Film Financing and Pre-Sales

I had a delightful meeting with German producer, Arno Ortmair. Not only is he an extremely accomplished professional, but he is also a wonderful person. We discussed projects and strategy. In particular, he is setting up his own writers’ workshop, so we had a lot of shared experience there. I told him some of the… Read More»