Story Design Book now available

SEAM published our Storyteller’s Handbook yesterday on Amazon. You can find it on Amazon by searching for, “Story Design by SEAM”. There are many authors involved with the creation of this book, which is why it has been published as a collective effort. After all, this is what SEAM is all about: collaborative co-creation. The… Read More»

Story Design now published

Today we published “Story Design: Storyteller’s Handbook for Writers and Dream Merchants”. The book is roughly 71 pages and is available from Amazon. Click here to purchase your copy. To read our introduction, click here. Thanks to the entire SEAM community for all your help. We look forward to hearing your feedback, questions and criticism… Read More»

New Storytelling Projects

This has been a busy past few months for SEAM. We are preparing two books for publication. The first one – as you can see by the cover image is called, “Endangered Species” – and is the first novel in a series. It’s an action-adventure, comedy-thriller – full of outlandish characters and bizarre circumstances. If… Read More»

Storytelling for the Masses – Urban Diaries

We recently launched the public beta of “Urban Diaries” – a storytelling project that is part of the Nomadz Globetrotter community. Urban Diaries is a new kind of city guide. Rather than navigating a city via landmarks and tourist traps, we thought it might be more interesting to build maps from the stories of local… Read More»

The Flowers of War

I’ve always enjoyed Zhang Yimou’s films and this one was no different. It might not be as visually erotic and luscious as his usual work but he’s tackling a far more disturbing and gritty canvas with a story set during the Rape of Nanking. But, I digress… Given that this is a storyteller’s community, let’s… Read More»

Story Design Book 1.0

We’re in the last dash prior to publication of our Story Design book. Thank you to all the people who provided us with feedback. We’ve incorporated a ton of suggestions, created new examples and re-wrote a chunk of chapter four in order to streamline the process. We’re including two pre-release versions (below) for a final… Read More»

Nomadz Revamp 2.0

Some of us have spent the last few weeks working on a revamp of Nomadz.Net. The site has already been redesigned and restructured – hopefully, you will like it’s new aesthetic – but the principal reason for the redesign is to boost the community elements and usher in a new storytelling project: Urban Diaries. I’m… Read More»