Psychological Games

“Psychological Games” have a negative connotation in real life and I purposely chose the title to be provocative. As the games industry grows and evolves, I notice two trends emerging. The first is a more sophisticated form of fostering compulsive and addictive behaviour. Predominantly intent on monetisation, it looks at various ways of creating customer… Read More»

Are you in the Entertainment Business or the Business of Entertainment?

Film has been an important part of my life. I can recall certain films throughout the years that had a big impact on me – in the way I saw the world, helping to define my passions, my point of view, and shape my own identity. Films have moved me and inspired me, which is… Read More»

5 Things that Core Developers Should Learn from Social Gaming – Dan Fiden

Dan Fiden of Signia Ventures imparted some wisdom from his experience with Social Games at GDC 2012 that I think is worth sharing. He began with a brief overview of how the industry came into its own in the summer of 2007 when Facebook opened its platform to third-party developers. Within three years, it blossomed… Read More»

New Videogame Player Psychometric Model – 5 Domains of Play

As I prepare to head off to GDC 2013 in a couple of weeks’ time, I am reminded of a fantastic presentation that I saw at GDC 2012 by Jason VandenBerghe, Creative Director of Ubisoft. The presentation was called, “5 Domains of Play”, and its purpose was to redefine the model that is used to… Read More»

London Games Conference 2012 Insights

I attended the London Games Conference last night. My second time. Overall it wasn’t as informative as last year. Unfortunately, most of the speakers use the opportunity to showcase their own products, services and technologies – rather than sharing useful business insights. I wouldn’t mind so much if the event was free, but it isn’t.… Read More»

Start Writing by Not Writing – StoryForward Interview

I was invited onto J.C. Hutchin’s great podcast series, StoryForward, to discuss SEAM and our latest publication, “Story Design”. In the interview, I discuss how I got into the film business and why I created SEAM to redress some of the structural problems inherent in getting independent features off the ground. Click here to listen… Read More»

Everything on Demand

This month’s Screen International magazine has a couple of articles fizzing with news of two successful multi-platform, film release strategies. The first was “Bachelorette”, which was released on iTunes a month before it’s cinema release and earned $4m during that time. The second was “Arbitrage”, which reached number two position on the iTunes chart (we… Read More»

Hollywoods Chickens have come home to roost

It’s been a long time in coming but it looks as if Hollywood’s chickens have come home to roost. For the past decade, Hollywood Studios have been shuttering their independent arms and shying away from niche movies. Instead, they have focused their energies on big, tentpole summer blockbusters to make their bread and butter. This… Read More»