Field of Streams

Build it and they will come… There was a time in Internet Space when this was true. You put up something amusing, arresting, or outrageous and you could attract a lot of attention. Now, you have to create ‘compelling content’, post frequently, inter-link, out-link, back-link, guest post, optimise SEO, engage multiple social media platforms… you… Read More»

What does Crowdpower mean for Entertainment?

I just wrote an article on Nomadz, “Dematerialising Posessions into The Cloud.” In it, I wrote about the effect of the weightless economy on goods and services, inspired by the work of Rachel Botsman and her thesis, ‘collaborative consumption’. What I didn’t do was discuss at length how this will affect the entertainment industry… Even… Read More»

When Sales Go Social – Reflections on AppleTV and Ping

As many of you probably know, Apple announced a Smorgasbord of products on Wednesday. The rumour mill had already foreshadowed a new AppleTV device – and there it was for $99. But they shocked the industry with their 99 cent price-point for television episodes. Then, they went further and announced a new component of iTunes… Read More»