London Games Conference 2012 Insights

I attended the London Games Conference last night. My second time. Overall it wasn’t as informative as last year. Unfortunately, most of the speakers use the opportunity to showcase their own products, services and technologies – rather than sharing useful business insights. I wouldn’t mind so much if the event was free, but it isn’t.… Read More»

Crowdfunding Paradigm Shift – Kickstarter & Double Fine Adventure

I hate using the phrase, “Paradigm Shift”, because it sounds so phoney and hyperbolic but in this case I think it’s warranted. The video game project – Double Fine Adventure – has just raised $3.3m – from 87,142 fans on Kickstarter. There are a number of reasons to be excited about this. The first is… Read More»

Storytelling is a search for meaning

We enjoy stories that either confirm what we already know to be true, or to change our perspective entirely. Stories entertain, but they also educate. And, above all, it is a community activity. A Shared Experience. We enjoy stories because they connect us to one another and to the human condition. Sometimes, they give us… Read More»

The Middle-Man is the Problem

When I see how successful “The Artist” has become ($81m worldwide BO as of this writing), I am reminded of how difficult it is to get unusual films made yet how much the audience enjoys them. Film is really more than a medium of escape – it is a place to find fresh new ideas,… Read More»

Jane Wright & Paul Grindey – Independent Feature Films

In this podcast, I brought together Jane Wright and Paul Grindey to discuss feature film development, finance and distribution. I was particularly interested in their advice for the independent producer, given that they have worked both as independents and for large organisations. Jane Wright has worked for the BBC for 15 years, most recently as… Read More»

When Loyalty Pays Off

As an independent producer, I meet with a lot of financiers, distributors and sales agents. It reminds me that I’m not making films for the audience. I’m making them for the middle-men. This is far from ideal. The ideal scenario would be to have a direct line to the consumer – like you do in… Read More»

Hollywood’s Leaving Money on the Table

There have been a bunch of articles lately heralding the rapid success of Netflix – stating that Netflix traffic could now account for more than 40% of Internet bandwidth in the US during peak periods, dwarfing P2P sharing such as Bittorrent. Of course, this is cited as evidence that the average consumer would rather purchase… Read More»

Field of Streams

Build it and they will come… There was a time in Internet Space when this was true. You put up something amusing, arresting, or outrageous and you could attract a lot of attention. Now, you have to create ‘compelling content’, post frequently, inter-link, out-link, back-link, guest post, optimise SEO, engage multiple social media platforms… you… Read More»