What does Crowdpower mean for Entertainment?

I just wrote an article on Nomadz, “Dematerialising Posessions into The Cloud.” In it, I wrote about the effect of the weightless economy on goods and services, inspired by the work of Rachel Botsman and her thesis, ‘collaborative consumption’. What I didn’t do was discuss at length how this will affect the entertainment industry… Even… Read More»

“Sometimes you have to destroy your business in order to save it” – James Surowiecki

That’s the final sentence of an intelligent and sobering article in the Oct 18 edition of The New Yorker, written by James Surowiecki and entitled, “The Next Level.” In the article he charts the rise and fall of ‘category killer’ stores like CompUSA, Circuit City, Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble and, now, the defunct… Read More»

The Sky is Falling – The end of DVD?

DVDs – or ‘Digital Versatile Discs’ – are no longer versatile, nor as ‘digital’ as the alternatives. This is why they are proving less popular than piracy or VOD. It is time for Hollywood to embrace the realities of the weightless economy and new purchasing behaviours in order to offer content as conveniently as possible, across multiple platforms and at multiple price points.