New Videogame Player Psychometric Model – 5 Domains of Play

As I prepare to head off to GDC 2013 in a couple of weeks’ time, I am reminded of a fantastic presentation that I saw at GDC 2012 by Jason VandenBerghe, Creative Director of Ubisoft. The presentation was called, “5 Domains of Play”, and its purpose was to redefine the model that is used to… Read More»

New Storytelling Projects

This has been a busy past few months for SEAM. We are preparing two books for publication. The first one – as you can see by the cover image is called, “Endangered Species” – and is the first novel in a series. It’s an action-adventure, comedy-thriller – full of outlandish characters and bizarre circumstances. If… Read More»

Jane Wright & Paul Grindey – Independent Feature Films

In this podcast, I brought together Jane Wright and Paul Grindey to discuss feature film development, finance and distribution. I was particularly interested in their advice for the independent producer, given that they have worked both as independents and for large organisations. Jane Wright has worked for the BBC for 15 years, most recently as… Read More»

Liz Rosenthal – What is Transmedia?

I’m starting a new series entitled, “State of the Union”, to examine how the entertainment business is developing in the European Union. I’m doing this because I feel that we are lacking shared resources here on this side of the pond, compared to what’s on offer in America. My hope is that by holding roundtable… Read More»

What the Transmedia Producer can learn from Social Network Gaming

As promised, here are my notes from GDC in San Francisco. Most of my time was spent hobnobbing with Social Network gaming companies, as this was an area of interest to me. Not Invented Here My first observation was that Social Networking Games Companies (SNGC) are not very interested in other people’s IP at the… Read More»

Field of Streams

Build it and they will come… There was a time in Internet Space when this was true. You put up something amusing, arresting, or outrageous and you could attract a lot of attention. Now, you have to create ‘compelling content’, post frequently, inter-link, out-link, back-link, guest post, optimise SEO, engage multiple social media platforms… you… Read More»

Maureen McHugh – Power to the Pixel – Day 1

Maureen McHugh has been in the cross-media business for a long time and is a partner at ARG specialist, No Mimes Media. Her opening gambit at the Power to the Pixel event: Transmedia is an omnivorous artform. It is eating us all. And it is the future of what we do. I say this intentionally… Read More»

Thomas Hoegh – Power to the Pixel – Day 2

Thomas Hoegh gave the keynote address to the Pixel Pitch event at Power to the Pixel and with it some sober food for thought on the economic viability of Transmedia. His main concern was that we were in the midst of the birth of a new art form – one that still defies classification -… Read More»

Lance Weiler – Social Entertainment – Power to the Pixel – Day 1

Lance Weiler began his speech at Power to the Pixel optimistically, “Now is an amazing time to be a Storyteller.” And the reasons he gave had to do with the freedom he has achieved from divorcing himself from format and running times, and the excitement of collaborating with audiences in real time. But, of course,… Read More»

Creative Brilliance from the Hive Mind

There’s been a lot of buzz this week on Steven Johnson’s book, “Where do Good Ideas Come From?” In an interview he gave to the FT (click here for the podcast), he answers his own question: good ideas come from crowds; from networks. When people are around other minds in different fields with colliding ideas,… Read More»