EverNow (TM) teaches you how to make the most of your first life, so you can be more productive in the second

Serendipity is a three part course in teaching yourself how to make the most of opportunity by taking control of chance encounters. In this episode – Part 1 – we reveal the power of Entertaining Fate.

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Endangered Species: Book 1

Endangered Species: Book 1The first book in the Endangered Species series is available now. Here’s a short description:

Once-famous naturalist and animal tracker, Chuck Collins is doing his best to save nature’s forgotten and least-loved animals from extinction. Problem is – animals hate him. They can’t wait to tear him apart. Dogged by the epic failure of his utopian theme park, “Animal Land”, Chuck is given a new lease on life when his hapless crew stumble upon a plot to poach our planet’s most dangerous species for sport. This leads him on a hunt across the globe to scupper their plans, but, ultimately, unveils a fiendish conspiracy to save the planet by nefarious means.

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Iterate or Die

What’s our best advise for aspiring writers? Write and write often! Does that sound facetious? Not when you consider the success of Silicon Valley. Read our article to find out why.

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