Those who are responsible


David G. Wilson

Founder & CEO

Before starting SEAM, David was the Head of Business Affairs at the Eon Screenwriters Workshop and a film & video game Producer at Eon Productions Ltd. He has worked on 11 feature films, including 6 James Bond movies from 'Licensed to Kill' through 'Casino Royale'. He began his film career in Los Angeles with Fred Tatasciore on the immortal,'Killer Blue Thing', and the epic, 'Garbage Patrol', when he was 11 years old. After a hiatus due to school committments, David continued his film career in Tokyo working for the late Imamura Shohei and for M.M.I. Productions. Over the course of his career he has worked as a journalist, programmer, database architect, script editor, writer, producer, and as an executive in franchise licensing & development.


Fred Tatasciore

Head Shaman

Fred has been a popular entertainer since he was in junior high school where he did stand-up comedy every lunchtime in the playground wearing the same blue CBS windbreaker until it had to be surgically removed. Since then he has been an actor, writer, stand-up performer, and a highly successful voice-over artist. You may know him as the voice of 'Master Shifu' in the Kung-Fu Panda television series. His list of credits are too numerous and, quite frankly, obscenely long to list here, so we recommend you head over to wikipedia and check them out for yourself.

Core Team

The people who make all the difference



Head of Operations

The super-glue that holds it all together.



Head Of Design

She knows where the layouts are buried.



Lead Architect

If Gandalf were a coder.

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